Installing and Cleaning Stained Glass

Simply press the stained glass panel against their existing window and hold it in place by nailing quarter-round or molding around the perimeter of the stained glass window. The wood trim will hold the stained glass in place, which in turn will give the appearance of a “full install”.  You can simply use mirror clips to hold your window safely in place. By using either of these options, you will have the benefit of being able to take your stained glass out for reasons such as cleaning or relocating. Silicone will also work for holding it in palace but you will have to have something to hold it until silicone sets up. However, using silicone it will be hard to remove if you should need to. 


Cleaning stained glass is quite easy.  NEVER USE AMMONIA ON ANY STAINED GLASS.  All of my stained glass panels are wax, most will clean by just dusting with a soft rag.  Once a year you might reapply (Mothers cleaner wax) you can purchase it at any department store or car parts store.  I use the paste.  Then just wipe it off.  This will keep your panel looking beautiful for a life time.  If you should notice a spot that has started to corrode clean it with dawn dishwashing liquid and water and apply more wax.  You can use a toothbrush to get in around the solder lines.